The SwiftCARB team of engineers, operators, application technicians, and customer service personnel are committed to constant improvement.
We pride ourselves in being a market leader in innovation and quality. We are also an early adopter of new technologies that keep us on the leading edge of high-performance milling.

Please watch the following videos to see why top shops are choosing SwiftCARB.

IMTS 2022 | 5:57

In case you missed us at IMTS 2022 please watch this video re-cap of the SwiftCARB booth and live Demonstrations cutting Ti-6Al-4V and Al-6061-T6 during IMTS 2022.

SwiftCARB 6AL4V | 0:58

SwiftCARB blasts through 6AL4V using a 1/2" RampMill, 4 degree ramp entry, 115 IPM, 1" depth of cut.

IMTS 2014 - Live cutting demo | 2:07

Watch Adaptive clearing rip through aircraft grade aluminum @ 375 IPM on a Haas VF2-SS using 1/2" SwiftCARB RampMill.

SwiftCARB RampMill makes short work of 4340! | 2:12

Watch as SwiftCARB's RampMill takes only 1:44 to make this 4340 demo part.

SwiftCARB 5/8" RampMill in 6061 aluminum - Material Removal Rate of 200 Cubic Inches per Minute | 3:02

This is roughing 6061 aluminum on a Fidia machining center with Truemill programming. Here are the Specs:

  • MRR (material removal rate): 200 Cubic Inches per Minute
  • Tool: .625 dia 3 flute SwiftCARB RampMill patent pending coolant through
  • Tool Path: TrueMill
  • Machine: Fidia
  • Feed: 407 Inches Per Minute
  • SFPM: 2749
  • RPM: 16,800
  • DOC: 1.25 in
  • Radial engagement: .3934 = 105deg TEA
  • Chip Thickness- .0075 actual at TEA
  • Chip load programmed: .0075

This is High Cube Machining (HCM) from SwiftCARB. High Speed machining is a thing of the past because nobody gets paid for how fast they feed, but how fast you remove material (MRR) and get the part done. Find out how to go faster at

SwiftCARB RampMill in ultra slow motion HIGH SPEED PHOTOGRAPHY | 2:01

The SwiftCARB RampMill running in 1018 steel at 9600RPM and moving at over 200IPM.

The RampMill allows you to enter the middle of pockets by ramping 5-10 times faster than a standard end mill. Once you've made the initial entry, the RampMill stays fully engaged in a constant climb cut increasing productivity up to 500%!

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