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SwiftCarb - Extreme Endmills and Carbide Cutting Tools


For hyper speed machining of steel, stainless steel, alloys and aluminum, nothing compares to SwiftCarb endmills, RampMills and other specialty cutting tools. Here are what some industry leaders are saying  about SwiftCarb tools:

  • "We started running the RampMill in March 2009, we changed it out for the first time in September 2009 after six months and 7,000 components.  The ability of this cutter to remove so much material so effeciently and maintain excellent tool life is Truly Amazing!!!"
  • "I've been using the SwiftCarb Ramp and Run ST and AT series for the past year and I haven't found any other endmill that can outperform it."
  • "In the past ten years, we have not seen an efficiency gain compared to the increased tool life and material removal rate we experienced with the RampMill."


new_80SwiftCalc Online You can access it here.




New Tool Finder  We give you two new ways to find just the right endmill.  If you know the material and application, choose the application search.  The higher the "App Rating", the more productive the tool will be.

If you know dimensions, choose the Feature Search application.  These powerful tools show you in a graphical way the best tool for your material.

You can access them both here.


new_80 Speeds and Feeds You can find our Speeds and Feeds charts in the Appendix of the online catalog.  Scroll all the way to the bottom of the index and click on "Speeds and Feeds".



RampMill is a revolutionary new product from SwiftCarb. Even if your vendors are giving you endmill style cutters for free, you are loosing money by not using a RampMill.  See how the SwiftCarb Patent Pending Coolant Through RampMillTM series can run at 300-500% greater angles than any other cutter. More...

Watch an incredible ultra-slow motion video here showing the high chip loads capable using SwiftCarb cutters.  See how RampMill cuts at 9 cubic inches per minute by watching this video.



The NEW-LUBE®"MICRO-SPRAY" applicator is simply the best you'll find.  Look at a comparison with other applicators here.  You can also find installation and operating instructions here.


Shorter is Better

A tools length or total distance from the tip of the tool to the holder is a vital factor in the operations rigidity.  More...


SwiftCarb and TrueMill

See how SwiftCarb and TrueMill can increase your productivity 1000% in .750 A36 plate, 700% in aluminum, and 800% in Titanium. That's right, 10 times faster in A36, 7 times faster in aluminum, and 8 times faster in titanium.  More...

Find out why SwiftCarb and the TrueMill cutter path work so effectively by clicking here.

Patented spray applicators and fluids for all your lubrication needs.